Guided Meditation

Meditation is the process of unraveling the habits of our minds that keep us in a cycle of creating suffering for ourselves. There are so many ways to do this. I like to work with people one on one to help them find a process that works well for them.
My name is Greg Jacoby. I have travelled from meditation center to meditation center, in India and the United States, practicing how to become more peaceful. I want to share with others how to be at peace with their experiences and themselves. I offer personal guided meditations. Similar to a physical fitness coach, I will work with you to design a meditation that fits you best and I will be there to encourage you to work hard and not to give up when the going gets tough. I will be with you each step of the way, and I work to help you be able to practice on your own without the aid of guided meditations.
I am available at my home, for visits at your home, or Skype/telephone sessions. Guided meditations are offered on a sliding scale basis, as I work to make sure this service is affordable. I also offer recorded guided meditations upon request and can record our personal sessions for your later use. Contact me with any questions or to arrange a guided meditation!


Me in the center: serving at a retreat!